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Czarina De Jesus - President

Czarina De Jesus is an incoming 2nd year at the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA). She is majoring in Psychology, wishes to pursue a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology, and has just been hired as the first ever 2nd year Samahang Pilipino Education & Retention (SPEAR) Peer Counselor. Czarina enrolled as a student into FCS during the summer of 2003, promoted to dance teacher in 2010, and now heads the entire program in 2013. Czarina was a member of the Image Pinoy Dance Troupe, a cultural dance group that performed at numerous gigs in order to raise money and gain exposure for FCS. Czarina believes strongly that there is a necessity for spaces like FCS. It is important for growing Filipinos to experience the sense of community and identity that comes about from a program like this. Czarina believes FCS has been one of the major factors that has helped her grow and have a passion for her community. It is these kinds of spaces that help students discover their identity and see the bigger picture beyond their own being. FCS has always been more than just teaching about culture; it often teaches one about themself. Without knowing one's history and culture, there will always be a missing part that one cannot be aware of until they have found it. And when they do find it, there is a sense of clarity and true pride that comes with knowing. KNOWING IS THE KEY TO BEING. Know history, know self. No history, no self. 

Paolo Roca - External Vice President

Paolo Roca is a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology and a double minor in Asian American Studies and Society & Genetics. He is also the current Academics Supports Director for UCLA Pilipino Alumni Association and founder of the Ate/Kuya Ading Mentorship Program of Kabarkada Club, Cerritos College. Remarkably, Paolo has never been involved in FCS before and has dedicated his whole being to this program in just a couple of months!

Rhea Umalin - Internal Vice President


Rhea Umalin is 18 years old. She graduated from Mayfair High School in 2012 and is currently enrolled in Cerritos college. In August 2013 she will start her second year of college and will transfer to American Univeristy of Health Sciences to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Since high school she has been volunteering at different hospitals and enrolled herself in health occupation classes to prepare her self. Aside from the medical field, Rhea has been involved in several filipino events such as Philsela's Santa Cruzan. She was Reyna de la Paz (queen of peace), one of the eight major queens. For 10 years she has been involved with FCS. Through the years FCS gave her the opportunity to become part of the dance group The Image Pinoy Dance Troupe (IPDT) where she danced at a broadcasted Filipino fashion show and other events, and was also part of Karim at Jasmine, the first Filipino opera to reach the United States. She started off as a student from 2003-2009 and became a teacher in 2010-2001. Now in 2013 is part of board, positioned as the official Internal Vice President. Her 13 year old brother ,Jeric, has also been part of FCS and hopes he will follow in her footsteps and help continue the program in the near future. She has a strong passion for the Filipino Cultural School and is extremely happy that FCS is back up again and gained more students. She knows that it will continue and become an even stronger program in the future.


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