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Volunteers have a wide range of jobs from being the Teacher's Assistant, to prepping food, to group leaders, to checking up on how each student is enjoying their FCS experience.

RJ Evangelista 

History, Martial Arts

RJ  is a  Filipino-American student that majors in public health. He actively works to help shape a better world of self-determination through education. In hopes to promote the purest form of cultural resistance, he contributes to FCS's Filipino History and Martial Art's classes. To contact, please email:














Raymond Delacruz 


Raymond Delacruz is an incoming fourth year Business Administration and Political Science major at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). He was born in Van Nuys and has moved to different states and countries due to this father’s work in the military, his family currently reside in Temecula, Ca. At UCI, he is the current Cultural Coordinator for Kababayan and a Family Leader for the Filipino Catholic Community, Liwanag. He joined FCS as a volunteer to share his passion for the Filipino culture with Filipino-American youth.














Edmund Cleofe


Edmund Cloefe is an Anthropology Major at UCLA. He joined FCS because he never had a program like this and thought it was a great cause. He loves to write and act, and hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry that incorporates both passions."














Patrick Martin


Patrick Martin is 21 years old and is currently a student at Cerritos College, with a major in engineering. He has a passion for music and he loves to create. He joined FCS to be able to help the younger generations, filipino or non-filipino, learn more about our filipino culture and its importance to develop identity and purpose.














Samantha Pepito

Abby Ilagan 


Abby Ilagan is an incoming third year Public Health Sciences major at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines until moving to Cerritos, CA, where she became an active member of Club Kaibigan at Whitney High School, performing in six PCNs and serving on board for two years. She joined FCS as a volunteer to help Filipino-American youth learn more about their heritage and share the love that she has for the Filipino culture.














Mavi Martin

Mavi Martin is from Gahr High School and will be a senior in the next school year. She was raised in Australia and since then has had very much interest in music, psychology, and teaching, which brings her to the reason to why she decided to join FCS. She personally wants to gain more experience, especially with bigger responsibilities. In the future she hopes to either become a professional musician making people fall in love with her music, or to become a professional psychologist to open up people's minds. Dream big everyone!














Hannah de Guzman

Hannah De Guzman is currently finishing her Associate Degree in Psychology at Cerritos College, and will be transferring to University of California, Irvine. She became a dedicated member of Kabarkada Club at Cerritos College, and was recently elected as their treasurer. She decided to join FCS as a volunteer to share the rich Filipino culture and history.














Felina Jamito

Felina Jamito is in the 12th grade and is attending Cerritos High School. She joined FCS because she was interested in learning more about the Filipino culture. Apart from wanting to learn new things, she would also like to share her knowledge on Filipino culture. In the future she sees herself pursuing in the medical field, either as a physical therapist, pharmacist, or a pediatrician.














Ron Cordova

Christine Merino

Christine M. Merino is a Filipino-Spanish American dancer and student currently studying Kinesiology and Child Development in California State University, Northridge to become an Occupational Therapist. She is looking forward to implementing the skills and experiences that will be gained through FCS to her future career and spreading positivity and knowledge of our culture to the future generation.














Bernard Bagorio


Bernard Bagorio is a senior attending Cerritos High School. He serves as the President for Club Kapamilya, his high school filipino club, for both his Junior and Senior year. Bernard joined FCS to allow both current and future generations to truly fathom Filipino culture and traditions. In the future, he hopes to see FCS develop into a one of a kind program unrivaled by any other Filipino culture program.














Victoria Serna

Victoria Serna is currently an incoming Junior at Lakewood High School. She joined FCS because she wanted to be more interactive with students and she wanted to meet new people. Her future goal is to become a registered nurse or a pharmacist. 













Julian Apostol

Julian Apostol is an incoming junior attending Lakewood High School and the founder & president of Lakewood's Filipino Culture Club, Kaisahan Club. He chose to become a volunteer for FCS because he was interested in meeting other that also shared a strong passion for learning about their culture.



Leonardo Castillo

Samantha Pepito is 20 years old and currently attends Cerritos College as a Dental Hygienist major. She wanted to volunteer for FCS because as a Filipina, she finds that it is very important to remember where her family came from. She wants to help expand the students minds about the Filipino culture and for the sake of her own mind as well.


Ron Cordova is a Nursing Major attending Cerritos College, holding the title of Mr. Cerritos. He is a member of the Vox Kapelle church choir and is current President of Kabarkada Club. People say he can be a bit corny, but that's only because he grew up watching Filipino Comedies. And although he is a 2nd generation Filipino American, he is able to speak Tagalog along with German and Japanese. He is an artist at heart; He loves to draw and do graphic design, He loves singing and performing.


Leonardo Miguel Castillo is an incoming second-year student at Cypress College this coming fall. It is his ambition to become a dentist or doctor, whichever he decides later on. Born and raised in the Philippines, Leonardo hopes to help his younger kababayan at FCS learn of their culture.



Jeff Bonsol

Jeff Bonsol was born in Laguna, Manila. He is a freshman at Lakewood High School. Jeff chose to volunteer for Filipino Cultural School because he wanted to change something in his life and speak out. He also wanted to help everyone learn about their fiilipino culture. His future goal is to be a physical therapists or a pharmacist.


Mark Rayos

Mark Rayos is a 19-year-old UCLA student in Geography and Environmental Studies. He was an FCS student for two years which prompted him to join Samahang Pilipino in college. Having been born in the Philippines but raised in the US, he is a big nerd for the culture and history and would love to teach the students a little bit more about what it means to be a F/Pilipino.


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