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Our donors have generously taken money out of their pockets to donate to FCS. Since FCS is a non-profit organization, money has always been a critical aspect to this program. FCS relies heavily on the support of others in order to continue the program. The money that has been donated goes towards buying insurance, supplies to the students, food, paying for the venue and graduation, etc. We are always extremely grateful for our donors and this page is to honor their generosity!

Sara Danica


"I have never been a part of FCS, but I can tell that it is an amazing program. I hope everyone involved in it will love learning about the Filipino culture, have tons of fun, and teach what they've learned to others! Can't wait to go to graduation and see you all leave your hearts on the stage as you show everyone what all your heard work has created."

Eugene Dizon

Bronze Donor

""A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. " It is important to learn our heritage for the sake of better understanding who we are as a people and who we are as individuals. Embrace this opportunity  to learn more about our rich history and culture so you can enrich your lives and teach others also. "

Carlo Escudero


"Although I was born in the Philippines, I moved to America before I was even old enough to start making memories. Since middle school, I had wished to learn more about my Filipino culture, which grew in high school when I saw that several of my friends were performing Filipino cultural dances in their school's PCNs. Unfortunately, my high school did not have such a program so my first interaction with Filipino culture was in my freshman year at UCLA. I learned about Philippine history as well as sang traditional songs and performed traditional dances. I felt that with this new knowledge and experience, I had unlocked a part of identity that had always remained a mystery.

I believe FCS is an amazing way for kids to experience, learn, and understand Filipino history. It especially gives those, whose schools do not have enough of a Filipino community to run a Fil-Am club or even a culture night, an opportunity to learn more about their culture. I feel that I started learning about my culture late in my life and wished a program like Filipino Cultural School was available in my city when I was growing up so I could have received an earlier appreciation for my Philippine culture that is so rich in tradition."

Louie Villanueva


"FCS is a remarkable program with such good intentions--I wish I had the opportunity to be a part of this program when I was younger. It is so important for everyone to understand how the Filipino culture came about and I feel like this program will really help these kids embrace who they are. Best of luck to the volunteers and teachers who are a part of this program and to the students as well. Have a fun time and a great summer!"

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