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Filipino Cultural School is a program that has been implemented since 1965 and has helped students ages 5-18 discover their Filipino heritage. Due to lack of available leaders and waning interest, the program was dissolved and did not go through last year. But thanks to a new, young, hard-working board, we have decided to dedicate the past few months and the upcoming summer all to this program!

We need these kind of spaces for the youth to be able to discover what their rich culture is all about. Creating this


opportunity would not only help you understand yourself more but also understand your community and family. KNOW HISTORY KNOW SELF.


Mission Statement: 
We strive to educate the youth about their Filipino heritage through dance, music, culture, social issues, etc. and create a sense of Filipino pride and identity, while creating a space of community through relationships and through discovering one’s identity.

Gui Baker (Past Coordinator), Mark Pulido (Pro Tem Mayor of Cerritos), Malu Garcia (Past Co-Coordinator), and the Current Board, Teachers, and Supporters of FCS at their first meeting.


From Los Angeles to Cerritos to Norwalk

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