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Language & History

We teach the Filipino language through Baybayin also known as "Alibata" (ancient writing system), to the sound system, and even to common expressions. For history, we cover everything from the Pre-Colonial times, to American-Japanese Occupancy, to The Marcos Era, to Filipino-American History, and Current Times.

Music & Dance

Music & Dance has always been our two most popular subjects amongst our students. It is the easiest way for our students to find true pride in their heritage. For music, the students sing songs from the Philippine National Anthem, to Folk Songs, and even songs made by current Filipino Youtube Artists like AJ Rafael. For dance, we cover a diverse range of dances from rural dances like Tinikling and Binasuan to Muslim-influenced dances like kKapagapirapir to Maria Clara dances like Carinosa to dances from the Igorot tribe.

Martial Arts & Cooking

Martial Arts & Cooking are two other ways for our students to experience their culture. These two subjects are labeled as our "special" subjects. For martial arts, our teachers teach the students the art of arnis & eskrima using proper technique and stances; And for cooking, students help create everything from Halo-Halo to Turon, all under adults supervision of course.

Cultural Values

Cultural Values is one of the most important topics to cover in our curriculum, for cultural values cannot simply be taught, they must be experienced as well. We cover values from being family-oriented, to being education, to cultural obligations like "utang ng loob" (internal debt) and even "nakakahiya" (shameful). 

Social & Political Issues

Social & Poltical Issues are new to FCS's Curriculum. However, due to the current circumstances of our culture, these issues are becoming increasingly popular to students. We cover topics from Justice for Filipino American Veterans who fought in WWII and were not given rthe right they were promised, to the hate mail in American Canyon that expressed racism againt Filipinos. These issues are always connected back to our cultural values and we find importance in making our students aware of them.

Identity Searching

This is the one subject we cannot teach ... but we can help our students find how they define themselves. It's about realizing who you are - as a Filipino, as a student, as a son/daughter, and most importantly, as a person. All we can hope is that by discovering your culture, in the process, you can discover yourself.

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