How to help

FCS is always on the lookout for helpers! If you know anyone who would like to help with curriculum, costumes, planning, outreach, teaching or anything of that sort, send them our way! Other ways to help include donating, volunteering, providing your services, t-shirt printing, DJing, etc.

Opportunities for Your Child

FCS opens up many doors for your child! FCS has provided new opportunities for its past students such as the opportunity to dance at a cultural fashion show, be a dancer on Eat Bulaga! when it taped in California, dance for a baseball game, be cast members for Karim at Jasmin (first Filipino opera to reach the US) and much more! It also provided some of our students with their first jobs and it is a good program to add to students' resumes and college applications because it makes applicants look more diverse.


FCS Graduation
FCS Graduation is on August 17th! Support FCS by purchasing tickets and coming to our annual graduation where the kids show off how much they've learned and grown in the past few weeks.


During the year, FCS students are usually available to dance at gigs, parties, dinners, etc. These parties are a great way for us to fund for the upcoming year whether the payment comes from the people who hire us or from those who put money into the donation box we pass around during out performance. Let us know if you'd like to book us! We can do it for free as well as long as we get to pass around a donation box!





  This year's theme: Pagbabalik (TO RETURN)

Find us: 

13915 Shoemaker Ave. Norwalk, CA 90650

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